Monday, November 3, 2014

Mapping US Migration

Here's a great interactive tool from the New York Times from August, mapping migration in the United States.  Also worth checking out is an interactive census data map based on immigration from foreign-born groups, released in 2012.

From the New York Times.  Click on the map to explore in greater detail. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Introducing the Memories of Migration Project Blog

Our hope with this behind-the-scenes blog is that we can share what we learn from working together with a number of library professionals, oral historians, community organizers, and others to collaboratively build Memories of Migration.  We'll be posting some of the info about what we learn from working together and from putting together this kind of project in the hopes that it will be useful for others working on digital storytelling and community memory projects.

Santa Ana Public Library Teen Historians interview members of the Mexican American Veterans Association in 2012. 
The Santa Ana Public Library Teen Historian project caught our attention in the months following Historypin's public launch in 2011.  After visiting them in Santa Ana in 2012, we started to look at ways we could team up with the library to integrate some of the components of their program into the Historypin platform and create a national or international model in story gathering and community building with libraries at the center of strong communities. 

We started piloting some initial ideas of gathering community memories and sharing them digitally on Historypin while also looking at possibilities for grants with the Santa Ana Public Library in 2012.  While an initial 2013 application to the IMLS for a National Leadership Grant for Libraries was unsuccessful, we expanded our team in 2014 to include projects in Queens NY, West Hartford Connecticut and the state of New Mexico.

You'll find out more about the amazing librarians, cultural heritage professionals,  library programs, and volunteers that are a part of this grant as we document the work we're doing behind the scenes to bring this project to life over the next two years. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Memories of Migration Official Press Release

We're a go for Memories of Migration!

View the full press release here as pdf

Full text:

September 25, 2014 

CONTACT: Cheryl Eberly
Principal Librarian
Young Adult Services
Santa Ana Public Library
(714) 647-5288


The National Institute for Museum and Library Services announced last week the award of a $495,000 grant to the Santa Ana Public Library for its program, Memories of Migration. The grant was awarded as part of the Institute’s National Leadership – Demonstration Grant program, which supports projects that address challenges faced by libraries across the United States, andhave the potential to create programs and practices that improve library services nationwide. 

Lead by the Santa Ana Public Library and the Webby-award winning non-profit Historypin project, Memories of Migration is a three-year community memory program that builds on the Library’s unique Teen Historian program to jump start the development of cultural heritage collections around the shared stories of human migration in America. Techniques developed by the library will be tested in model programs operated by four libraries and agencies that serve new immigrant communities in four different states, including New York, New Mexico, Connecticut and California. 

Queens Library (Queens, NY), West Hartford Public Library, (West Hartford, CT), the State of New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs and New Mexico Highlands University (Las Vegas, NM) will join the Santa Ana Public Library in offering their immigrant communities a voice in the growth of their shared stories of new lives lived in a new country. Their teen sons and daughters will be trained to collect oral histories and other information that will provide the bridge that brings these stories to life in a digital world through Historypin. The noted international web presence will provide a home for the stories and the digital infrastructure that make them available to all.

Over the next three years, the Santa Ana Public Library, its four library and agency partners, Historypin, and the Institute for Museum and Library Services look forward to bringing the experiences of our immigrant communities to life, and helping other communities to do the same.


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